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Transforming over stock problems into upselling opportunities  through e-commerce


In 2013 Peugeot was having an overstock problem with the used cars their dealers were replacing with new Peugeot ones. How can we trun that overstock problem into a business opportunity?



we helped fixing through an upselling strategy, by creating an ecommerce web site to reach the used car market. Now Car dealers could sell certified used peugeot cars to the people that could not afford new ones. 

A happy problem is still a problem

How do we fixed it? The sale of used cars works through a platform called «usados peugeot seleccionados» (Used Peugeot Selected).» Through a specific website, the public is offered a stock of exclusive vehicles of the brand, with an age not exceeding five years and with a maximum use of 120,000 kilometers. From ​​the interested parties were able to access the stock of models that, in addition to the aforementioned conditions, are always ready to transfer and will offer different financing options tailored to the client. On the other hand, that customer who looks for a Peugeot 0 Km and has a used of the brand that meets the requirements described, may deliver it as part of payment on account of their new unit, starting the operation from this new digital platform.

The site also allows queries through a search engine, which filters the information of the stock by model family, version, geographical location, price, year and kilometers, among other variables. In this way, the potential customer can find the vehicle they are looking for, view photos of the unit and contact directly the dealer that has it in stock. It is even possible to enter an email address to receive future announcements about new «Used Peugeot Selected».