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Online Business Development

We Increase Potential Through Online Technology

PITZIL focus on helping your online business reach its maximum potential. We develop online businesses from scratch «end to end» or we improve them at any phase that the business may require.




Making it real

These are some success stories on how we help companies evolve and expand their businesses through online technologies, we are proud of it and want to share it with you.

Revamping Yellow pages business model.

in 2015 We partnered, developed and implemented together with Guru a new online Business model and product designed to revamp the online classified business. Every day we deliver relevant high quality traffic to thousands of Small and Medium Businesses across several countries in Latam. Read more

Guru Soluciones

Yellow Pages & Leader in SMB solutions accross Latam

Giving car manufacturers control over their  online sales 

 Why would you limit your sales growth to your car dealers marketing investments decisions? Read More


#1 Car manufacturing company

Obtaining control over your online distribution channels.

Of course we all know that today tyres are sold online. But what happens when your local dealers  get into the biggest online marketplace in your country and start selling into each other locations competing online without control, risking to unleash a price war and potentialy destroy your distribution channels across the country? Read more to find out how we fixed it.


#1 Tyre manufacturer

Transforming over stock problems into upselling opportunities  

In 2013 Peugeot was having an overstock problem with the used cars their dealers were replacing with new Peugeot ones. When your dealers are full of used cars because you sold a lot of new ones you are having a happy problem that we helped fixing through an upselling strategy. Read More.

PSA Peugeot Citröen

Argentina´s top Car dealer website

Digital transformation for the Pharmaceutical industry

Rofina is a an argentinean company founded in 1962 that meets the demand of large laboratories for the distribution of medicines. Today they distribute through our software more than 7700 clients, drugstores institutions and pharmacies allowing them to monitor orders, their location and estimated delivery date.


Pharmaceutical logistics

Become an online seller instead of being an online provider

  IDT is a top 1000 company, calling cards worldwide leader. With the advent of whatsapp, skype and many other VoIp SIP apps,  the calling card business started to shrink online and offline, margins diminished and retailers started to move away from the business. Good news is that as a large online/offline provider now IDT has the opportunity to sell online straigh to its clients.  Read more

IDT Latam

One of World´s top Telcos

Reaching resellers online 

We are helping net2phone sell its latest products in several countries in Latam by running online campaigns and developing landings. We are achieving wonderful conversion rates. 


One of worldwide VOIP leaders

Developing a project accelerator for the Vatican

 After helping Scholas Occurrentes developing a web site to collect founds for Match For Peace in Rome, we proposed them the idea of doing a project accelerator for the Vatican that aims to promote inclusion through innovation.  As a volunteer we made the first project blueprint in September 2014 for them to develop the idea. As a result in February 2015 they invited us to the Vatican for the launch of  Scholas Labs, a project backed by Pope Francis, Microsoft, Google, IBM, and Argentine Globant.

Scholas Occurrentes

Vatican non profit organization

Improving reach through social media and distribution logistics using a tracking mobile app  

We explored together new ways to reach people through social media to sell the newspaper and magazines in zones were it was costly to reach with public ads. We programmed a logistical mobile app to coordinate and control newspaper distribution, between the newspapaer , trucks and the resellers.

Clarín Circulación

One of the largest media group and newspapers in Latam

Helping Lionel Messi foundation  

Lionel Messi non profit organization contacted us to help them find an online game developer to acquire its right for social media games (not console)  for 2014-2015. We contacted them with several big players. Also we worked developing web sites to Social Team´s ONG partners. 

Social Team (Lionel Messi ONG)

ONG of Soccer extraterrestrial being

Content and Digital presence for Pharmaceutical OTC products. 

Roemmers is one of the largest pharmaceutical company in Latin America. We started in 2013 developing web sites, creating content and online campaigns in Facebook and Google for its OTC products, like  Sertal, Athos B , Eximia, Vimax and many others. 


One of the Largest Pharmaceutical Labs in Latam

Content and Digital presence for Pharmaceutical OTC products. 

Gramon Millet is a pharmaceutical lab specialized in selling OTC products. We developed its web sites, created content and online campaigns in Facebook and Google for well known products like  Merthiolate, Megacistin,  102 plus, Oralsone and many others. 

Gramon Millet

Large OTC Pharmaceutical Lab

Delivering online Performance

These are success stories on how we helped several top online  companies to greatly increase their online marketing and business performance . 

Transitioning from a defensive business to a profitable independent one. is one of the largest Car selling online web sites in Latam with millions of users online. As many of the classified web sites they were acquired early in 2000 by newspapers to defend their paper classified business. Later on when people no longer were buying newspapers and the classified section shrinked, these newspapers needed to understand a new approach to their online classified businesses. They really needed to focus on PERFORMANCE.  We were hired by Grupo Clarin one of the largest media conglomerate in Latam  to improve deautos marketing performance. We worked during 4 years managing all online marketing campaigns and improving the web site look and feel and landings. We radically transformed the business performance, reducing costs, and increasing traffic and conversion more than 200%.

Argentina´s top Car dealer website

The challenge of achieving the same success in another market

Grupo Clarin saw the performance we obtained in Now the question was:  Can you do the same for our Real Estate massive Classified Web site Argenprop ?  Like deautos Argenprop had millions of visits per month, and lot to improve not only in marketing but in web site architecture and technology.  We did it again,  top performance was achieved. We worked together with their technical team to improve web site usability and user experience and as a result we crushed competition achieving the maximum impressions available at the minimos cost, reaching millions of people at a ridiculous low CPC. We managed their campaigns during 4 years an then we let the internal team continue the good work.

#1 Real Estate Classified in Argentina

 Improving ROI through performance

Travel sites as somehow an  affiliate business, they expend heavy on advertising to reach potential clients , they need to achieve top performance to be profitable enough to survive. We were hired by to improve their online campaigns and landings. At first they wished to outsource all their online marketing operations to us, but we decided it was better to optimize and improve their campaigns working together and keep their internal online marketing team to transfer knowledge. We worked a whole year  24×7 and as a result we improved more than 40% their performance and ROI. We also designed many cross media creative communications campaigns, public advertising  and online viral campaigns and  we made a lot of improvements to their site. When top performance was achieved,  we let the internal team continue the good work.

#1 Travel web site in Argentina

Performance for Classified Ad Jobs web site  

With  Grupo Clarin gave us the online campaign management of all its classified web sites, (deautos, argenprop, buscaninmueble) providing them with millions of users every month. During 4 years we optimize and improve the web site performance, listings, filters etc

Large classified ad Job in Argentina

when the second brand has its chance as a strategic tool

Grupo Clarin saw the massive performance we obtained in their main real state classified site Argenprop and they wanted more, but Google was already giving us all the impression share that was allowed more than 70% !  We decided to optimize performance of its second brand to achive almost 100% of impression share on Google Search.

Large Real Estate Classified in Argentina

Delivering impact: Maximum reach in a short period of time 

These are some cases were the objective was to deliver a message to the maximum quantity of people targeted on a short period of time.  

Running a campaign on 17 countries to celebrate Volcom´s 20 years

Volcom is the brand of Surf Skate and Snowboard leader in the world. • Volcom celebrated its 20 years of existence and He chose us to run all the online campaign in 17 countries of Latin America • The campaign was a success with a performance and exceptional scope. • 50% of the traffic they received worldwide came from our campaign. • 233 million impressions • 6.3 million people reached in a few weeks.

One of top skate, surf and snowboard brand in the world

When broadcasting online a rockstar interview is so successfull that collapses your cloud provider servers.

Vorterix is one of the leading rock radios in Argentina,   its owner and main host Mario Pergolini had an interview with Indio Solari an argentinean rock singer (that normally does not give interviews) about one show in the city of Tandil where  Indio Solari summoned 200.000 fans and the whole city collapsed that day, like if it was a Tsunami of People. Tsunami un oceáno de gente (Tsunami an Ocean of People) was the name of the documentary made by Mario and Mario´s team hired us to publicize it online, read here what happened that day. Read more.

Leading rock (off and online) radio in Argentina

Running the BlackBerry Challenge campaign in Latam 

Blackberry (RIM at that time) asked us to run this campaign in Latam to reach software developers to participate in the Reto Blackberry. We improved the landing page and the campaign was a success.

The BlackBerry Challenge is a competition that seeks that designers and programmers, learn to create mobile applications for the BlackBerry 10 platform and in reward to the winner the company will award a prize of $ 10,000.


One of top mobile phone vendors in the world

 We created the «Half Card» Viral campaign for the largest discount club Card in Argentina.

We worked many years with 365 discount card, in fact we improved their site UI/uex, we run the first social media campaigns, and created the «Half Card» the most successful viral campaign for the brand, so much viral traffic that we wwnet out of prodcuts very soon reaching critical mass. People obtained a hal card and shared withon each others half in social media to gain points that later they exchanged for prizes. Then we transformed the concept of the whole business, showing them that it was better to be a saving card than a discount card. That new concept went on tv advertising and as a brand concept.  

Tarjeta 365

Largest savings card in Argentina

Worldcup 2014 social Media Campaign

It was 2014, worldcup, Toshiba Argentina had 15 days for reaching everybody in the country. We did it engaging thousands of fans .


Toshiba Corporation is a Japanese multinational conglomerate

Worldcup 2014 social Media Campaign

It was 2014, worldcup, 15 days for reaching everybody in the country. We did it engaging thousands of fans .

Aceitera General Deheza

One of Argentina´s largest integrated agricultural-industrial complex

Fibertel first viral campaign on social media.

It was 2009, and fibertel truted us to make the first viral campaign of the company, it was a huge success.


Argentina´s largest Iinternet Service Provider

Revamping UI/uex for Fibercorp.

Back in 2014 one of the largest it provider realized that most of iots product offering needed to change as everything he was already selling was…the cloud. UI/Ux and landngs needed to be revamped for a new type of SMB customer.


One of Argentina´s largest IT Provider

Transitioning a Grown up business  online

Some units worked succesfully Offline during many years, now they must change to be able to reach it audience Online,  new rules, new risks and new opportunities.

Selling books online for Editorial Atlantida the leading magazine publisher and distributor in Argentina

Selling books online is not easy, in this era people reads more than ever, but not necessarily printed books and magazines. Televisa owned through Editorial Atlántida many well renowned magazines and  were editing lots of books. We partnered and explored together how to sell these books online developing an ecommerce and running online social media campaigns Also how to get online business intelligence to decide which book to promote first.


Editorial Atlántida libros

Developing full ecommerce business unit for a large home appliance seller.

Oscar Castillo devoted almost his entire life to develop and grow one of the largest home appliance store chain in Argentina, with more than 700 employees and sixty thousand square meters depot full of products and 30 stores all accross the north side of the country At 82 years old Oscar decided it was time to start selling online. We partnered together and programmed from scratch a full custom ecommerce, mapped key business process, created communication campaigns we hired and trained personnel and managed online campaigns  during 2 years to stabilize the business. We sold a lot of goods online, then we handed the business to Castillo´s managers for them to keep the good work.


Large home appliance seller

The Challenge of increasing walk in for a shopping mall in time of crisis. 

In this era of online marketplaces, shopping mall, bust start thinking how to adapt their business online. We are helping them to find the way.

Groupo Paseos

Shopping mall chain

Acquiring  students online until there is no more available space.

 CEMIC is an important medicine university that also have its own hospitals and clinics where students also practice. The mission was to start using online campaign to target potential students, inform them online via  a new website and transform those leads into real students. the campaign was so successful that after a few months we covered all the university available places.


Medicine university and hospitals

Laser depilation reachs clients online

It was 2009 Depilight had a large network of laser depilation shops in the country, we redesigned its web site and run campaigns with great success sending them hundreds of clients.


Large laser depilation chain

Finance & stock services goes online  

In this era of online marketplaces, Finance sector is reaching everyone so anyone can buy or sell stocks. alycbur a large stock service provider asked us to redesign its web site, reach people through social media and integrate its system to online stock marketplaces.


Stock services

Selling construction trusts online

Soaje Pinto is a Real Estate broker with a large track record of selling construction trusts in Argentina. He approached us to develop its web site and start reaching people online interested in investing  in several construction trusts. We did it and we sold several trusts. 

Maxplen Soaje Pinto

Real Estate Broker

Start ups & SMB Business development 

These are success stories on how we helped start up companies to develop their business, increasing their reach and becoming profitable. 

Being the first mover and reach your customers online is a good combo.

AED or automated External Defibrilator technology is improving every  year, and governments are becoming aware of its importance to save lives in public places. Knowing that a law in Argentina will make the use of these AED mandatory, Cardion became the local representative for Samaritan #1 worldwide AED leader and We started to communicate and reach their audience online. Sales started to increasead and cardion soon became the AED leader in Argentina.


#1 AED seller in Argentina

Helping an entrepreneur make it real.

An entrepreneur approached us with the idea of representing Cefaly in Latam, argentina in particular.  he already had a clinical laboratory. We developed the business plan and the presentation for him to convivnce Cefaly.   Cefaly is an External Trigeminal Nerve Stimulation device (e-TNS) for migraine treatment. Cefaly accepted the deal and we started preparing the online marketing campaign & strategy and sales channels while the did the rest. Now he is selling Cefaly in Argentina with great success.


#1 external Migraine treatment

Helping an entrepreneur solve a software development nightmare.

The client is an entrepreneur with years of experience in the construction industry, he started its project with third party soft devs and they left him stranded. He contacted us and we created a dedicated Software team and started making it real.

Todo para tu obra

B2B construction marketplace

Making a new car dealer sell online

When Revor Card ealer launched operations he contaxcted us with the mission of becoming the #1 Citroën online seller for Argentina. We designed from scratch a web site for selling cars online, we run campaigns during 6 years we sold hundreds of cars. It took us just 3 months to transform it into the top online seller of the brand in the country. 


Citroën car dealer

Taking Invitro fertilization communication to a new age.

CERMED is an invitro fertilization clinic. They approached us to see if we could change its image and communication to reach a new online audience. Now traditional family structure has changed, that´s why we created the «Mom,  Mom & Dad, Mom & Mom,  Dad & Dad, Dad» campaign.


#1 invitro clinic in Argentina

Car insurance goes online.

Terzian is a  insurance family company  with an impressive track record of delivering a high quality service.  They apprached us to develop an online app for their clients, and to improve its web site. 


insurance company

Designing to connect.

Friendly life was a social club and discount card targeted at gays. The idea was to communicate it in a way that gays could recognise it as for them and not gays will not recognize it that way.  

Friendly Life

Discount club

A good advice prevents future mistakes.

FWTV (Fans World TV9 was launching  and they had an initial business model and ideas on how the online channel should work. they reached us to revise and give advice o the business model. We detect some flaws and gave them some good alternatives on how to approach the business. 


One of the first online tv channels

Renting jets online

Yes! private jets can be rented online. We developed the site and communication, for this private jet renting company.  


Online Jet charter

Real Estate & construction online TV.

We developed the web site for this online tv channel targeted at Real Estate and construction industry.


Real Estate online TV

Online Economics forecast

Fionsoport is a well respect economic studio, its Owner Mr Todesca currently is the chief of Argetina´s National Statistics and Censuses Institute.  We revamped finsoport  web site so its clients can download economic forecasts and documents online.


Economics consulting firm

Town Communication & Political Campaigns 

We worked for towns helping them to be in contact with its citizens, we worked for many top politicians and we won almost any election we have been involved in.

San Isidro Town

San Isidro is a wealthy town of Buenos Aires Argentina with 300.000 citizens. We worked for them 7 years straight, We developed its web site, made the town growth in social media, we reached its citizens and created online communication campaigns until we left operations to its own internal team that we instructed over the years to continue to good work.

San Isidro

Large buenos aires town

San Martin Town

San Martin is a  town of Buenos Aires Argentina with 400.000 citizens. We worked for them 4 years straight, we developed its web site, instructed its managers, made the town growth in social media, we reached its citizens and created online communication campaigns until we left operations to its own internal team that we instructed over the years to continue to good work.

San Martin

Large Buenos aires town

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