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Become an online seller instead of an online/offline provider


with the advent of whatsapp, skype the calling card business started to shrink, margins diminish and as an online/offline provider now IDT has the opportunity to sell straigh to its clients. 



We develop IDT Latam calling cards e-commerce.  

Sell online straight to your clients


 IDT is a top 1000 company, they run businesses from comic book up to oil industry. They are mostly known for being the worldwide leader in selling physical calling cards with thousands of point of sales across the world (ie: airports and kiosks). They focused mainly in being providers of online calling cards resellers, and since 2000 Internet changed their business model, people were purchasing more cards online than in local stores. By 2012 with the advent of whatsapp the business shrinked and a lot of retailers moved away from it, so we worked together to create IDTshop their first online calling card e-commerce for Latam so they could sell their cards online straight to their customers, and we started helping them to sell new VoIP products like the ones from its partnership with Net2phone, (see the net2phone case).