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Revamping online classified business through a technology driven product

Technology Driven: Our Philosophy pushes for development of new goods or services based on a firm’s technical abilities instead of proven demand: to make keys first and then look for locks to open. 


To change Classified yellow pages traditional business model into something new, more profitable for them and for their clients.  



We created Trafico Garantizado (TG) a technology driven product that  allows Guru to increase relevant traffic for yellow pages clients (SMBs) transforming it´s online marketing expenditures into a profitable sustainable business.

Changing a business model through online marketing technology 

Traditional online classified / yellow pages business model worked as a subscription based business model. Clients, mostly Small, medium businesses (SMB) payed  for having an online profile listed. With that money yellow pages purchased relevant traffic to send users  to these listings so they could browse and pick a service provider.  Yellow pages clients payed a monthly subscription to get leads. 

The problem is that the first 10 clients (SMB) on the listing got  80% of the traffic leaving the others clients witouth leads, so traffic was not guaranteed to reach them.  Clients got away and stoped paying subscriptions and classified sites got less and less traffic.  

With Trafico Garantizado (guaranteed traffic) we fixed that problem by  using technology applied to online marketing. Now thousands of Guru´s clients still pay for traffic by having an anual subscription but  they decide how much traffic they want  and we send exactly that amount to their profiles straight from Google, Facebook ads and other sources of relevant traffic. Our software counts, delivers, starts, stops  and optimize thousands of online campaigns in real time. Guru´s clients are getting more leads than ever and the site getting a lot of brand attention through hundreds of millions of impressions.  It´s understood that Guru soon became one of  the biggest client of google and Facebook in Latam. A business that benefits, Google, Facebook, Guru and their clients all together.