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Giving car manufacturers control over their online sales


Reverse the way car manufacturers get sales from leads, so they can expand offer and demand in every zone of the country  



We created a system that allows the manufacturer to track sales performance and get leads, send them to the car dealers to be transformed into clients

Why would you limit your sales growth to your car dealers marketing investments decisions?

Car manufacturers delegate part of the markeitng expenditures in their car dealer network. Car dealers are the one responsible to conduct online marketing campaigns with their own money aimed at getting leads and transform these leads into clients. Car manufactures were responsible instead of making branding campaigns etc.

The Problem is that Car dealers buy these leads to «leads resellers», who in turn pays agencies to run campaigns: these «,men in the middle» increases costs and creates pressure to get cheaps leads that dont work in exchange for profits, the busienss of selling leads was killing the business of selling cars, because the result is that car dealers do not invest as much as they should leaving the car manufacturer uncovered receiving less sales that it could get.  

By taking control of online marketing expenditures a car manufacturer can easily reach millions of people through social media and send thousands of leads to its car dealers, controlling offer and demand in every location. We  developed, implemented and manage for VW a new business model that allows them to reach millions of clients in every corner of the country and send leads straight to its dealers, communicate with them in real time and track car dealer´s sales performance .